Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Vision of a Crowd

Can you remember how it felt when you first received JESUS as your personal Lord and Saviour?
Imagine being flooded with love, truth and life - that's how I felt!
I so wanted all my school mates to have the same wonderful experience.
On the night I got baptised with the Holy Spirit and received power to bear witness for JESUS, I saw a picture in my mind of a large crowd gathered around me on the school sports field, listening.
I was in Grade 8.
At Bremer State High School.
I started eagerly telling my fellow-students what Jesus was doing with me - and one by one several received the Lord. We spent our lunch hours telling others about Jesus.
This particular lunch hour, my vision was about to come to pass...
There was a group of students hanging around behind the T-huts. I decided to go and talk with them about Jesus.
Other students sitting under a nearby tree wondered what was going on - so they wandered over and had a listen too.
Students over at the tennis courts saw the group gathered around my friend and I, and thought it must have been a fight. They came running over to watch.
"There's a fight on, down at the oval!" word quickly spread around the school.
Students ran together from all over.
The crowd pushed closer to try and see the fight - but it was just my friend and I, in the middle of the crowd, talking about Jesus.
Soon the Prefects turned up.
"Right, we want to know the Names and Grades of who's fighting."
"No-one's fighting," I answered, "We're just talking to them about Jesus."
The crowd cheered.
Someone yelled out, "Everybody sit down".
The crowd numbered around 300, someone said - but I reckon it was more like 100.
For the rest of the lunch hour my friend and I stood there, the crowd sitting around us on the grass - preaching about Jesus, everyone listening.
You too can receive Jesus.
God has a gift for you - eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

You were made for this!

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