Friday, 15 July 2016

You'll Never Be Broke

Years ago someone prophesied to me: "You'll never be broke".

Some time later, one day when I was in the Philippines, I thought I was broke.

But I searched and found a five-centavos coin in the bottom of my bag (in those days you might have needed about fifty of those coins to equal five Australian cents).

"Well at least I'm not broke!" I thought to myself.

(At the time I didn't think of the fact that I had equity in a piece of real estate back at home in Australia, and probably some cash in the bank too. Truthfully therefore I wasn't near broke.)

But that five centavos wasn't enough to go anywhere to minister - not even enough for one Jeepney ride. I was a bit stranded in the house.

I felt I was at my lowest moment since stepping-out in faith-ministry a few years before.

Then that afternoon the pastor's wife in whose house I was staying, arrived home in the pastor's red Camaro sports car. She wanted to take me downtown to meet a retired military Colonel.

We drove to his hotel. He met us in the restaurant. He invited us to order anything we desired. We shared testimony with him. Then he said he had to go. But before leaving, he called the waitress and said, "Just let them order anything else they want, and charge it to my account". And he insisted I order anything else I wanted. I can remember eating kinilaw, a favourite dish of mine.

So the one time I thought I was at my lowest and couldn't go anywhere not even to minister, within minutes I was at my highest - picked up in a head-turning red sports car, driven downtown, dining with the elite, enjoying my favourite foods in a top class restaurant - and above all, sharing precious testimonies, together with our beloved pastor's-wife.

My lowest moment was really my highest moment.

Sometimes that's how it is serving God! He is able to lift you up.

We just have to trust Him and not be dismayed, during those few minutes in-between. He's already got it, even if we can't see it yet.

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