Friday, 15 July 2016

Godly Co-Operativeness

When I wasn't away ministering, I sometimes went to my home church dressed quite casually, seeing I wasn't ministering. That had been my style for some time.

But one such Sunday when I was about to get ready, I felt the Lord say to dress up, because "Pastor Richard is going to ask you to pray for people" tonight.

I hadn't been asked to minister for a long time. And it wasn't the church's custom to have people minister on the prayer-line who weren't part of the official ministry-team.

But I put on trousers, or jeans, instead of shorts. I knew Pastor Richard liked his staff to dress up a bit.

That night during the service, Pastor Richard asked me impromptu to come forward and minister on the prayer line.

I was dressed ready, waiting, and ready to go!

When God wants you to do something, He'll prepare you for it.

If it requires someone else's permission, He is able to make them invite you. You can prepare for it, and wait for that - you won't have to force it to happen in an inappropriate manner, much of the time.

If it involves working with others, He'll make you both co-operate with each others' wishes even in little ways, as far as possible.

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