Thursday, 7 July 2016

Leaving Things To the Lord

I was in Taree, NSW one Sunday night. I wanted to get back to the Gold Coast, to honour a Monday morning appointment. But the pastor I was traveling with was in no hurry. The pastor, his son-in-law and I were to drive back to Muli Muli, NSW together that night after church - and then I didn't know how I was going to get home to the Coast from there. So I was eager to get going. But the service in Taree kept going longer. Then someone invited the pastor for a meal after the service, which of course he accepted. My chances were slipping away. I didn't feel led to - I felt to just trust the Lord and not try to solve it - but I checked the train timetable. Still there was no way. By the time we finally hit the road, there was no conceivable way I'd be able to make it home, via Muli Muli, in time for my Monday morning appointment. All I could do was just believe the Lord. A few hours down the road, my mobile phone rang. Luckily we were passing through a small town at that moment, so I had signal. "John! Where are you?" It was my friends on the Coast. They were at Hungry Jacks, after church. "The Holy Spirit told me John is somewhere, and he needs to be picked up," one of my friends said. I answered that I indeed needed to be back on the Coast, but I was hundreds of kilometres away. They offered to meet me at Grafton. Then I think we lost signal. Hours later, in the middle of the night, we each pulled into the Grafton Roadhouse within just a minute or two of each other! From there the pastor and his son-in-law then turned North-West to Muli-Muli, while I went with my friends, straight back to the Coast. The sun was rising by the time my friend dropped me home, after what for him had been almost a 500km roundtrip. I had a shower, then went straight to my appointment - right on time.

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