Sunday, 3 July 2016

'Idolatry of Individualism'

Last night a preacher talked about the idolatry of individualism in the West.

He said we were made for community, not isolation.

God Himself dwelled in community in eternity - in the Trinity.

He created us to bring us into community. Like a bride for the Son. It's a joyful dance!

The main character of the Old Testament, the preacher said, was not an individual (and he named some), but it was a corporate people, Israel.

Similarly the main character of the early Church wasn't any one of the disciples - it was a people, the Church.

He mentioned Joseph as an example of someone who got it. He was sold ahead as a slave, but rather than be spiteful against his brothers, he saw the overall purpose, the greater good - for the whole, not just for himself.

So, I can forget about what's in it for me or what's not in it for me, overlook injustices even, and participate for the greater good of the whole, even if it involves suffering, injustice, misunderstanding, a lack of compensation.

It's a peculiarly Western trait - and idolatry at that - to think instead of what's in it for me, or to want to disengage entirely because of what's not right. Be involved in community!

Then the preacher gave words of knowledge, and people were prayed for about various disappointments. 

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