Saturday, 30 July 2016

Past, Present, Future

Our future in the new earth will not involve continuously carrying-out the ancient Feast of Tabernacles, and being cursed if we don't - that was only a shadow of what was to come.

Rather, we shall eternally enjoy God's real tabernacling - His actual dwelling among us!

Meanwhile, we've already come to participate in that future blessing spiritually, right now, since the Spirit of our Father and of Jesus came to dwell in our hearts - through faith, without the deeds of the Law. That's the good news of the Kingdom!

That particular detail in Old Testament Prophecy (about Gentile proselytes from many nations making annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem to keep the Feasts) was literally fulfilled in Old Covenant times, beginning after the Jews' return from captivity - the history is provided for us in Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, Esther and Acts 2:10, 8:27.

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