Thursday, 21 July 2016

Speak and Have

When I was a State high school student, I desired to show the film, "The Cross and the Switchblade", at school.

(The drama of David Wilkerson - founder of Teen Challenge - going to the gangs of New York City, and the conversion of Nicky Cruz.)

But I couldn't source the video anywhere.

Finally I gathered that an outlet in Brisbane had the video, and planned to go there by train after school to get it.

I was thinking of telling the school Principal or Deputy that I wanted to make an announcement on Parade - but what if I invited the whole school, and then wasn't able to get the video?

But in my spirit I felt sure and determined I'd get it.

I decided that 'What I say, I will have'.

I dug in on the inside, and staked my word on it.

In front of the whole school, I announced that we would be screening the film at lunch time starting on a certain day; I told a bit of a teaser about the plot, then invited everyone along. All before I'd actually managed to get the video.

After school I caught a train to Brisbane - and managed to pick up the video, just before the close of business.

Next day I think it was, students showed up in crowds! A Teachers' Aid had to open up a partition to accomodate everyone. Second day, the same crowd turned up again for the second half.

At the end I preached a Gospel message.

The bell started ringing, but I gave a quick invitation.

Six students put up their hands, and decided to receive JESUS Christ.

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