Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book of Acts

The Book of Acts tells the story about how the Messianic salvation was offered first of all to Israel in Jerusalem; then throughout Judaea, and Samaria - then to the uttermost ends of the earth, reaching even to the capital of the Gentile nations, Rome.

It tells the story how believers were at first a community within Israel, many of them abiding by Moses' Law; how the Jews at Jerusalem were intolerant of the believers; how the Gospel began to be preached to Gentiles; how Gentile believers were not required to become observant of Moses' Law; how Israel finally rejected the Gospel, not only in all the cities of the Gentiles where the Gospel was preached, but again at Jerusalem and finally also at Rome; and how the Gentiles were willing to hear the Gospel, even in Rome.

Thus the Church grew from its beginning as a nucleus within Israel, to a new, worldwide Body - independent of physical Israel, and without obligation to Moses' Law.

And yet God mercifully used even that outcome, to nudge some more unbelieving Jewish individuals to repentance and faith.

The preaching of this good news of the Kingdom continues...

...and then the end shall come.

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