Saturday, 16 July 2016

Right Where God Wants You

One Sunday morning, while I was in Toowoomba, QLD...

...I wasn't preaching anywhere that morning, so I decided to walk to the local Assemblies of God church.

While walking there, I had a feeling I was meant to preach somewhere.

But I didn't know what else to do, so I kept walking, towards the church - but the feeling persisted.

Not being familiar with all of Toowoomba's backstreets, I somehow lost my way.

How did that happen! I wondered.

I thought I was going to be late for church!

While trying to find my way, I looked down, I saw my name etched onto the concrete on the footpath: 'John'.

It gave me the feeling I wasn't lost at all - it made me laugh - I was right where God wanted me.

I looked up, and saw a road-sign: "Baptist Church".

Immediately I started walking there instead. It was just down the road.

No-one was at the building yet when I arrived.

I read the church noticeboard: the service wasn't to start until 11am.

I wasn't late after all - I was early!

While I was still reading the noticeboard, a car pulled into the driveway - it was the pastor and his wife.

I told them I'd become lost while looking for the AOG church, and thought it was getting a bit late to go there by now. They said they'd love to have me with them for the service.

We went inside, they shared with me how they'd come from America and pioneered the church, beginning with a children's outreach, and how they developed the block of land.

And I shared with them that I too was a son of missionaries (formerly of Silkstone Baptist Church), that we now attended a Pentecostal church on the Gold Coast, and how the Lord had led me into a lifestyle of faith, and about some of my travels, and how I'd come to be in Toowoomba.

When they heard about my faith-walk, the Pastor invited me to speak to the church that morning.

After the service I had morning tea with all the members, I met the elders - and I was invited back during the week to speak to the neighbourhood youth.

I shared about the Lord Jesus, and spoke openly about faith and the Holy Spirit.

But being a Baptist church, I thought I better not lay hands on anyone like I usually did, not wanting to offend anyone.

I decided instead to just stand in front of the youth who responded, and minister the Holy Spirit to them without touching them.

But when I did so they shook and were moved by the power of God just the same!

No-one was offended at all.

They were all so hospitable - it was just such a nice week of fellowship!

And I so appreciated the soul-winning which they were achieving in their community. 

Sometime later I happened to tell another pastor in the city that I'd preached in that church. He could hardly believe it.

"How did you get to preach there!" he said, "It's the most anti-charismatic church!"

He said he still hadn't been able to get close to them despite having been in Toowoomba himself for years.

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