Thursday, 28 July 2016

All Restrictions Removed

The Gospel removed all of the barriers which the Law had put in place.

The Law had restricted Gentile proselytes to Judaism from certain privileges.

One entire race - the Canaanites - was to be utterly banned.

Even in Israel, only one tribe - Levi - had the privilege of serving in the house of God and partaking of the privileges associated with that.

There were also age and sex restrictions.

Individuals suffering certain physical ailments were also banned.

Only one person - the High Priest - could enter the presence of God - and only once a year.

The curtain in front of the Holy Place was there for a reason - to show that the Law itself could not truly provide the access we needed into the things of God, into the presence of God, into heaven, into eternal life...

...but JESUS gave us that access, through His own torn body on the cross.

The commandment which was against us, was nailed to the tree.

The moment He died, the veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom.

Now we all have access - not by the Law, but by a new and living way.

In Him we are justified, by grace through faith - without the deeds of the Law.

We all are reconciled to God, in one Body, as one new identity.

Jesus was the first to rise from the dead - and we also are raised with Him: a brand new creation of God!

The old alienation, discrimination, restriction, limitation, elimination, subjection to corruption, and continual reminders of sin is gone forever - we all are a new creation of God in Christ Jesus - without the deeds of the Law.

This good news was preached to Jews first - and also to all nations.

This worldwide blessing, freely given, without distinction, was always God's Promise - before the Law was given; before Israel was even born.

"In thy seed (not seeds plural, seed singular - which was Christ) all families of the earth (all nations, without distinction) shall be blessed (justified, saved)".

The Promise presupposed the elimination of the Law which was temporarily added later - because the Law itself was a restriction to the blessing.

Jesus, the Gospel, us in Him, plus nothing = completion.

Only believe!

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