Sunday, 3 July 2016

Torah and Australia

There likely was no kosher flesh available to be eaten in Australia prior to European colonisation, except birds and fish.

If the ancient Jewish Feasts are an eternally unchanging ethic, as some say, then Australian Aborigines should have instinctively known to celebrate Pesach, Chag Hamotzi, Yom Habikkurim, Shavu'ot, Yom Teru'ah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot for thousands of years before the Hebrew-roots movement was introduced, seeing they had the law of God written in their hearts, right? 

Just like we should have also seen the godly line all the way from Adam to Moses doing so, before Moses. But we didn't, I don't think? Yet they (the Patriarchs) were said to have kept God's law.

So, the Feasts were not the enduring ethic in themselves - they were just a structure which God gave Israel at that time for expressing the true underlying ethic, and for modelling a spiritual reality which is timeless. That spiritual reality is Christ.

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