Monday, 25 July 2016

Salvation in the Name

When I was a Grade 10 student at Bremer State High School, QLD - I told the Deputy Principal that I wanted to give a speech on assembly.

The whole school were seated in the school hall, together with all the teachers.

A guest speaker spoke first; then the Deputy looked at me, seated on the floor among the students, as if to ask whether I still wanted to give the speech.

I nodded.

She announced that I would be giving a speech.

As I stood up and walked towards the podium, my fellow-students had a look on their faces like, "What's going on?"

Grade 10 students didn't usually give speeches!

I can still remember almost word-for-word what I said:

"I would like to invite everyone to come to a Christian meeting every Tuesday at lunchtime in the slide-room of the library.

In these meetings, we talk about the truth: the truth about mankind, and the truth about God.

The truth about mankind is: we have all sinned.

And because of our sin, we deserve to go to hell.

But the truth about God is: God is love - and because He loves us, He didn't want to leave us in that mess.

He loved us so much He sent His only Son - He died for us on the cross; He was buried, and He rose again.

Now whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, and receives Him into his life, will be saved and have eternal life."

I glanced around at the Deputy, she was standing behind me and to my right, on the stage: I thought she was looking a little nervous, so I brought it to a close.

I quickly repeated the invitation to the meetings, and added that the invitation extended to all the good teachers too.

Then handed the microphone back.

Amid the applause of the assembly (as usual whenever anyone gave a speech), I sat down again on the floor among the students.

Well, not quite to everyone's applause: I hadn't noticed that one of the teachers - the Teachers Union Rep - had felt she had to walk out, apparently - but that's another story.

"...whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Acts 2:21).

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