Friday, 26 August 2016

Receive the Spirit by Faith

Ever since I was baptised with the Holy Spirit at the age of 12, I've always felt I knew how to help others receive.

Some people were 'chronic seekers' - people who'd prayed many times to be filled with the Spirit, but were still waiting.

Some had even given up, saying, "If God wants to fill me, He'll do so when He's good and ready".

But from the ripe old age of 12, whenever I met someone who hadn't received yet, I always felt I knew exactly why - and how to help them.

To me there was no mystery to it!

I could even tell whether a person was going to receive or not, before anyone even prayed with them - because faith is something you can 'see'!

(You can tell by their words; often you can even see it on their face - or the Holy Spirit might gift you to perceive it in your spirit.

When you've received salvation by faith; and then also received the Holy Spirit by faith, you know how to help others receive by faith too - because you've experienced a thing or two about how faith works, like a baby instinctively knows how to drink milk as soon as he's born.)

When I saw a person had faith to receive, I'd minister to them straightaway. But if I didn't see they had faith to receive, I'd first spend a moment talking to them, dealing with any obstacles to their faith - pulling up the stones out of the highway, so to speak. The obstacle to their faith was nearly always in their own minds.

(Often they wrongly wondered whether something in their past might disqualify them from receiving. That idea was a hinderance to them believing they receive.

Or they just didn't understand how faith works - thinking it was all up to God, and not up to us to act.)

But once they were ready, and had faith to receive, I'd 'see' it. Then I'd pray with them, and they all received straightaway every time, as far as I can recall. Some had been attending church for years.

Whether in the school playground; or in church after a service - whether young or old, and now in every nation where I've been.

1. Ask the Father in Jesus' Name

2. Believe you receive

3. Since you believe you've received - act your faith: go ahead and begin to speak in a new language, trusting the Holy Spirit to give you utterance

4. And you shall have it!

" filled with the Spirit" (Ephesians 5:18).

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