Friday, 26 August 2016

Reply to A Facebook Group Member

I can't think of a single time when I have asked, and not received, in nearly 37 years as a Christian!

According to Jesus' promises about prayer, that should be the norm, not the exception.

And yes, you must have missed some of my Posts - unless you don't think healing from a life-threatening brain tumour, or having food, or obtaining spiritual salvation, or guidance regarding one's ministry-career, are 'needs'.

Certainly there are things you cannot obtain for others through your own faith alone - like their salvation for instance; or receiving the Holy Spirit; and maybe sometimes even their healing. That you can't completely override the free-will of others, is a given. And there may be other principles too.

Nevetheless, despite those obvious ethical parameters, Jesus still made the scope so broad - when He chose words like "ask anything"; "whatsoever"; and "all things"!

I'm saying, let's lift our awareness of just how involved in our daily lives Jesus is willing and waiting to be (without denying obvious ethical parameters).

As for my shoes and coat - the reason I wanted them, was to wear them to church. I wore the shoes out, wearing them everyday on the mission field, walking to villages, preaching more than once every day on average, sometimes going to remote places that hadn't had a visiting minister since the mid-80s; and the coat - the only place I've worn it is to church, as far as I can remember.

The piece of silver jewellery, or the Versace-branded item, I could do without - but God gave it anyway.

I don't share that to condone covetousness - but to encourage our faith when we come to ask for things which matter even more.

To illustrate that Jesus can be taken at His Word.

I reckon He's willing and even waiting for us to engage Him a little bit more deliberately in this way: that your joy might be full; that ye bear much fruit; and that the Father be glorified.

Because you know, there are certain things Jesus can't do in this present world, unless we first engage Him by our faith.

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