Monday, 22 August 2016

Divne Law

Divine Law is eternal - because the law of God is an expression of His Own Divine Nature, which is unchanging.

God is love: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

Divine law existed even before it was written on stone by the finger of God.

The Old Covenant, made with Israel when He brought them out of Egypt, was God's law - for them, there, then.

Meanwhile, the law of God was already written on the hearts of Gentiles, even if they didn't know Moses' written law.

Many Gentiles, having the law written on their hearts, also heard about Moses' Law, and became Jewish proselytes.

Then God made a new covenant with the house of Israel, a law which was not according to the covenant that He made with them when He brought them out of Egypt, which they broke.

In the New Covenant, God gives us a new heart, and writes Divine law onto our new hearts - yea we are made partakers of the Divine Nature! That's a greater provision than what existed under the Old Covenant.

As a result, believers were no longer subject to Moses' law - yet not altogether without Divine law, but under Divine law as Christ achieved it in us.

Walking in this new commandment does not negate the Scriptures of the law - rather, it is a lifestyle which carries-out all of the ethics, morals and principles which the old law had merely foreshadowed...

...and our experience in Christ establishes the old law - it shows that what had been prophesied in and written in the Scriptures of the Law has been true: for they spoke of Christ's suffering for us.

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