Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Law Was Temporary

"To become Observant of the Law or not to become Observant of the Law" was a pertinent question for Gentile believers in Jesus Christ, during the first four decades or so of the Church - because anyone who wanted to Observe the Law in those years still could.

So the Apostles and Elders at Jerusalem answered the question, in no uncertain terms.

And the Gentile believers were greatly relieved by their answer!

But to ask the same question today - of whether or not we today should Observe the Law - would be like if I kept wondering whether I should still be getting up and going to my old high school every day, and repeating all the same lessons, when in fact my old high school buildings were bulldozed years ago and there is no longer a school on the site at all! Not to mention the fact that I'm now a 49 year old adult.

The question itself is voided now - not only because I'm now an adult (which would be enough of a reason in itself), but also because the school-site itself doesn't exist anymore.

So it's not just that I don't have to go to my old school anymore - I can't, even if I want to!

Similarly the very question itself - of whether or not to become Observant of the Law - is voided today, not only because the coming of Christ means we're no longer under the shadows, but because the infrastructure required in order to Observe the Law has not existed since around AD70. Just like my old school-buildings no longer exist.

So it's not just a matter of I don't have to Observe the Law - we can't, even if we want to!

We are in a completely new covenant now - precisely as the Old Testament itself prophesied we would be.

Not only the Old Testament, but also of course the Lord Jesus, and the Apostles also bore witness of this truth!

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