Friday, 5 August 2016

Love is the Litmus Test of Truth

Does God truly get so furious, that someone who honours God in his conscience everyday, doesn't once in a year label his evening meal 'The Passover’?

When it isn't even Spring during Nisan in the Southern Hemisphere where he lives, as required by the Law of the Passover. 

When he feels he's honouring Christ as his Passover every time he eats.

Or when someone didn't label a certain day 'Shavu'ot' - even though he honoured the Lord, and read the Scriptures, and fellowshiped and ate with other believers on that day and every day, just like the Observant did?

Is it so deplorable to God that he identifies as a Christian, seeing he understands 'Christ' to mean the same as Messiah, and seeing he has read in his Bible that the disciples were called Christians?

Is it so hateful to God that someone goes to church - when the person sees the word 'church' all over his Bible? and since church is the place where he first learned about God; and where, despite its imperfections, many others are coming to know Yashua.

The letter kills. But he who loves knows God, for God is love.

A good litmus test for good versus tangental doctrine therefore is:

How loving towards others does the doctrine tend to make me.

Love is not rude. Demeaning. Believes the best of others. Is patient. Is joyful...

If that sounds like you, then let the Lord JESUS embrace you again. 

I don't mean, just think about the intricacies of the Law with your head.

I means, Him - His Spirit.

Sit in His presence. Let Him fill you again.

You will fall in love with Jesus again - and you'll show it to everyone around you.

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