Thursday, 11 August 2016

Reaping in Due Season

Some years ago I desired to have a push-bike; and some more clothes.

An acquaintance of mine had a rusty old bike, left out in the weather - and I thought of buying it. But I didn't feel quite right about it in my spirit - like it wasn't exactly the Father's plan.

A short time later someone who'd heard me minister in Toowoomba some months beforehand phoned. He and his wife wanted to visit me.

So they drove down to the Gold Coast, and met me at church.

After the service, he said, "We want to take you out for lunch - choose any restaurant you like.

But first, we've got some things we want to give you. Can we follow you to your house and unload them? Then we'll have room in our car for you."

So they followed me home, then opened the boot.

He lifted out a racing bike - a Peugeot - worth nearly a couple of thousand dollars, he mentioned.

Then from the backseat they produced three Nino Cerruti suits.

"They might not fit," I said.

He told me to have a tailor do whatever adjustments were necessary:

"Then send me the bill - I don't care how much it is," he said.

"But take them to a good tailor - they're good suits, so it'd be a shame not to have good quality work done on them," he added.

I asked how much they cost.

"Don't ask. All I'll say is - they're top-of-the-range," he answered.

I reflected on how I'd had quite a hard few months in Toowoomba despite having been so clearly led there - yet now some months later I was being so blessed, by a couple from the very place where I'd had the hardest time.

If you're doing what the Holy Spirit has led you to do, don't be dismayed if hard times come.

As sister Hagin said:

"Payday doesn't always come every Saturday night, but if you are faithful to God and His Word, payday always comes."

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