Monday, 1 August 2016

The Torah and Sanctification

Some Hebrew Roots people say we are justified by faith, but sanctified by the Torah.

But it isn't possible to divide justification from sanctification quite like that - and place justification in the past, and sanctification in the future as if there's no interaction between the two, and as if there's no interrelation in the way they are received.

I can't be just before God in the present, if I'm outright rejecting His means of sanctification. So if sanctification is by the Torah, then no-one but Hebrew-Roots believers are just before God.

But even they would not be just before God - because the infrastructure required for keeping Moses' Law doesn't exist any more.

No - both justification and sanctification - eternal perfection - are by Christ's sacrifice, once for all - through the faith which is by Him, without the rituals of the Law.

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