Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ezekiel 37:15-28 Fulfilled

* It mentioned Judah and Israel being regathered and reunited.

Based on the witness of numerous New Testament verses, I'm proposing that it happened.

* It said they would be rid of idolatry. 

I think that happened (compared to the rampant idolatry in Israel and Judah prior to their captivities).

* It said they would be cleansed. 

A spirit of supplications was indeed poured out on them, when they returned from captivity.

* It mentioned their sanctuary. 

Their temple was indeed rebuilt.

If that's all still future, then Yashua was too early to qualify for the Messianic prophecy included in the above passage:

* that David their King would reign over them forever.

The witness of the New Testament (by the angels, the priest Zechariah, other prophets, and the Apostles) is that the Davidic Messiah had indeed come - Yashua of Nazareth. 

Certainly we still await the consummation of His Kingdom - but according to the NT, that did not mean there had not already come the inauguration of the Messianic salvation-scheme. 

Therefore the passage does not, in my opinion, form a strong basis for the view that Levitical-style worship must resume in our future.

It also bears out the divinity of the Messiah (because while Ezekiel spoke of the Davidic King dwelling amongst His people forever, Revelation depicts Him as "God" dwelling among us forever).

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