Friday, 12 August 2016

The Practising is Over

The claim being made by some, that we should still be keeping the Feasts because three of the Feasts foreshadowed things that are still future while the other Feasts foreshadowed things that are now past, is a bit of an awkward claim to make, I think.

It's awkward because one of those Feasts included the Atonement - and it's clear in the New Testament that Christ's death was an atoning sacrifice for us. So it doesn't sit naturally to just place the anti-type of each of those three Feasts entirely in the future.

Besides, by that rationale, the other Feasts which have already been 'fulfilled' shouldn't be kept anymore at all then: only the remaining three should be kept. But of course those who are making this claim insist on keeping all of them.

Certainly the last trumpet is still future; so also is the resurrection; final judgment; and God dwelling (tabernacling) among us forever in the new earth and heavens - but the atonement has already taken place.

And in a sense there has already come the inauguration of those other Kingdom-hopes, foreshadowed by the Feasts, too:

The Day of Judgment is indeed still coming - but the prince of this world was already judged on the cross. We died with Christ; we were buried with Him in baptism.

The dead in Christ are going to rise - but in a sense we have already been raised with Him, and seated with Him in heavenly places.

All things are going to be made new - but any one in Christ is already a new creature - old things have passed away, all things have become new.

We're going to be saved in that Day - but in a sense we've already been declared righteous, and saved.

We're waiting for His Kingdom - but in a sense we are already in the Kingdom.

God is going to dwell among us - yet He already indwells us.

It's only the physical consummation of it that still awaits us, at His second coming.

He has begotten us again unto a lively hope!

Through Christ we are already living in the time of fulfilment, although we still await the consummation of it.

That was the assertion of the Apostles - that in Christ there had already come the fulfilment of the promises, although we still await the consummation of it.

That's altogether a different and better experience than anything that was available prior to the cross!

Therefore seeing we have a sense of fulfilment about us in Christ, rather than continue carrying-out the Feasts, which were only shadows, we now live by faith in Christ.

We simply show forth His death, 'til He comes.

"We are saved (present) in hope (future)," Paul said.

Besides, it isn't possible to carry out the Feasts anymore the way the Law commanded anyway!

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