Monday, 8 August 2016

Not One Jot Nor Tittle of the Law

When Jesus said that not one jot nor tittle would pass from the Law, 'til all be fulfilled - He evidently did not mean there would not come some changes.

To the contrary, He even predicted some of the changes Himself!

And not only that, but He Himself also enacted some of those changes.

He also had more than just the Law of Moses in mind. He also had passages in Genesis in mind. And the Psalms. And the Prophets. Not one point in the entirety of Old Testament Scripture would pass, 'til all had been fulfilled, He said.

The fulfilment of some of those things resulted in some changes in what God now requires. The changes were enacted by God Himself, through His own actions in Christ on the cross, according to His own will - the changes didn't happen merely because of the Jews' disobedience; nor because of the actions of Roman armies alone. It was God's will; God's redemptive work that made the change.

Jesus meant, He didn't come to run roughshod over the Scriptures. All would be fulfilled - through Himself. He didn't mean there would never be changes.  

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