Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Would You Like Another Painting Tomorrow

Last night I was looking at the paintings on my wall above my computer desk, and the thought came to me:

"Would you like another painting, tomorrow?"

"Yeah," I said to the Lord, "but I don't want to pay too much for it".

Today I felt led to drive a certain way while on my way home, and decided to have a look in an Anglican Op Shop.

I saw this painting, and was standing looking at it, and a staff person talked to me about it, admiring it with me, and asked whether I'd like it.

Of course a discussion about the price ensued. She went out the back to ask the supervisor, who came out together with her and said I could have it at a discounted price.

While paying for it, I got talking to the guy behind the counter, about how I'd been born in Japan, a child of missionaries; he introduced me to another customer, seemingly a good acquaintance of his - the three of us stood there having a favourable chat.

"Storm Over Milthorpe"- Oil on Board 25.4x50.8cm - by Shirley Williams

I walked outside to put my nice new acquisition in the car, "...and then go back," I heard the Lord say.

So after putting it in the car, I turned back - and saw another pleasing painting, facing outward, in the shopfront window.

I went back inside, and asked the same staff-person whether I could have it at a discounted price too.

She went and asked the supervisor, then came back saying, "It's your lucky day".

She offered me an even better discount than I got on the first painting.

"Late Afternoon Lake Julius Road" - Oil on Board, 40x60cm - by Joy Clifford

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