Sunday, 31 July 2016

Inaugurated Eschtology - Dominion Theology - Dispensationalism

Inaugurated Eschatology differs from Dominion Theology in that it makes more of the fact that we are still looking forward to the Kingdom at the second coming, in the eternal state.

But Inaugurated Eschatology also differs from Dispensationalism, in that it regards the Kingdom of God as something only the born-again can see.

It also gives us an understanding that the Gospel is a direct part of the fulfilment of the Kingdom-scheme of things - the Gospel is not merely some unforeseen parenthesis added only while we wait for God to resume His interest in Kingdom matters at some future time. 

The Gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom!

The Gospel - comprising of Christ's first and second comings - with the necessity of faith - and the inclusion of Gentiles - without the rituals of the Law - as the means of entering His Kingdom when He comes the second time - is precisely the way God intended to fulfil Israel's Kingdom-promises.

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